Monday, 25 July 2011

Introducing Destination Perks - Your Ultimate Vacation Companion

Have you always envied those friends and relatives who could just jet off to sunny
locales, where they stayed in gorgeous condominiums with manicured grounds, and
exciting nightlife steps away? Have you always wished you could travel to another part
of the country, or better yet, another country altogether?

What if there was a rewards program that allowed you to do what you have always
wanted to do, but for a fraction of the price that your friends and relatives paid? What if
you could use those discounts in multiple places, for multiple items, whenever it was
convenient for you?

Introducing Destination Perks, a rewards program powered by Vacancy Rewards.
Destination Perks allows you, the savvy consumer, access to condos, hotels,
entertainment, and merchandise at vastly reduced prices. Why spend thousands of dollars
to sleep, eat, and shop, when you can have luxury items and accommodations at huge

Take a look around Destination Perks. See what we have to offer and how we do it.
Read what others have to say about the benefits of the Destination Perks program. Call
or email us for more information or to join.

Stop being envious. Let Destination Perks help you be adventurous!